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Our adventure park is open to all school groups, companies, farewells or other types of events. En Activ Natura podemos organizar un programa de medio día o día en-tero para incentivos o eventos donde se realizan las actividades con un fin diferente “la diversión”. All programs can be personalized with banners, t-shirts, caps etc., provided by the client or ordered from a specialized company.

In our outdoor park you can participate up to 200+ people in different activities at the same time.

Rates – The price depends on the number of participants, the activities chosen and the duration of the same.

For more information or to make your reservation, please write to us


From 8 years, we would like you to consider us as one of your planned excursions during the school year and where all students can enjoy a variety of activities, all outdoors.

For students from the age 13+
The combination of our activities with team games is an ideal tool for teachers, it combines a playful activity: for example. the emotion adventure circuit; with another pedagogical program adapted to educational centers, of teamwork games..
Students will have the opportunity to:

– Work on communication and learn to listen
– Trust others in a different environment than usual
– Develop confidence in their own possibilities motivate each other
– Motivate each other
– Experiencing challenges and solving problems
– Have fun with their peers
– Notice the strength of a group that is united
COMPANIES – Team Building
Do you want to organize an outing with your company and make it something different and fun?

Thanks to our facilities, we can offer unique team building programs, that help improve business performance, combining motivational games at ground level with others in heights.

Participants, away from their work environment, live sensations and very special experiences, fun discovery, how a team can achieve sometimes unthinkable challenges.

At Activ Natura we are open to consulting companies and coaching professionals, to whom we can offer our “outdoor” center with unique facilities, where to develop activities specially designed to work: communication, leadership, achievement of goals, motivation, shared visions, organization, etc.

At any time during activities, physical fitness is decisive in achieving the objectives, the challenges are rather mental and emotional.

The most appropriate definition in our activities is "challenge by choice". The participant is the one who decides how far he wants to go. We help you configure your program according to your needs and we will send you our best offer.

bachelor parties

A fun-filled day for the whole group!!
Have you taken it upon yourself to organize a bachelor party for your friend? Do not look any further! Activ Natura will help you organize a great day!, what will they remember, with the best outdoor activities!

Here we have a variety of different and unique activities to make that big day!!
Can you imagine them, a game where the boyfriend or girlfriend chase you all? Or the rivalry that can exist in a game between the bride and her friends?, and the groom and his? What if the mission is to rescue one of the two? Or if we give them an extra life?

The possibilities are endless. If you are- a - team bachelor, bachelorette or joint in a mixed group. Visit us and we will give you ideas, for special bachelor party moments with our games.

From 10 persons, and the birthday person, enters for free!


Come celebrate your birthday party

Make your birthday party original and memorable. Share great emotions with your friends. It will be the birthday of your child or someone else? We propose a very nice way to celebrate it!, enjoying a great adventure with lots of fun.

All our activities you can enter to celebrate the birthday.

Climb trees or fight on our battlefield. Ideal adventures to enjoy with your children, nephews, friends u but. If you enjoy nature, of sport and adventure, your ideal outdoor birthday party.

For all ages, between approximately two hours, or choose to do two activities in three+ hours to fully enjoy your experience.

Minimum groups of 10 and free birthday boy.


Do you want to plan a specific type of event? We will help you create a unique concept in a beautiful environment, so you can offer that special event you have in mind for your guests, clients or employees.

We also recommend completing the activities with a sausage menu or a grilled meat, all grilled in our park.

Do you need a transport?
We can pick you up or take you within the nearest local cities. Just let us know.

Specialized trainers who accompany and help the group

Use of facilities
All the material (harness, helmets, ropes…) UIAA approved
R.C insurance.
Facilities certified according to EN 15567-1 y EN15567-2